I’m So Lonesome

So, well, I want to write something, but can’t get inspired. Or maybe I don’t really want to Opening up ain’t easy for me, never has been. I even have trouble opening up to a Therapist. And I’ve seen several therapists. Some were helpful, some not so much There was one Therapist I sort of […]

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Time Flies…

Has it been a year since my last Blog Post? Chalk it up to Lazy…or Depressed… Depression takes away much of one’s desire to do stuff. I watch the same TV Series over and over, because, when I know what’s going to happen I don’t have to think. I can just “veg”. I don’t watch […]

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I’m a News Junkie

Hello every one, my name is Mary and I’m a News Junkie. I leave the TV on all night in my bedroom, on either the News Channel or the Weather Channel. Monday thru Friday I set it to Fox News or Fox Business News. When I wake up, even tho the TV is still on, […]

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Animal Testing Is Barbaric

Reverse the USDA’s Blackout of Information Related to Animals in Labs! Please click on the above Link to see and sign the Petition It’s bad enough that animals testing is still going on. Now, USDA is hiding the information, the data, related to this barbaric practice of animal testing. It especially breaks my heart that […]

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Sangria and Wine Coolers

Makes Rambling and Musing easier!   Bought some wine at COSTCO, a large bottle of Sangria, a couple of Reds and a White. Making your own Wine Coolers and Sangria is easy. Why buy those mixes that are made with additives. “Natural Flavor” yeah, right… OK, so, we bought a great big container of TANG…talk […]

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3AM Ramblings

Feeling stuck, there’s so much, too much, to write about. President Trump has been on an awesome Tour, accompanied by Melania, daughter Ivanka, and her husband. They visited Saudi Arabia where they were given the Deluxe Red Carpet Welcome. Trump gave a very good, very Presidential Speech. The Trump Ladies, by the way, looked beautiful! […]

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